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IC 410, IC 410 PLUS

The high-performance dry ice blasting machine with maximum hopper capacity, that provides a significant competitive advantage.


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Maximum competetiveness

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Maximum performance
and power

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Simple operation

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Maximum working pressure

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Maximum Hopper capacity

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The professional dry ice blaster IC 410 is an ideal solution for cleaning more demanding surfaces. A significant sign ofthe new line is the integration of a new feeding system leading to consistent and pulse-free blast stream . This system works reliably without any pressure losses, thus allowing you to make the best use of its performance capabilities. The insulated hopper with maximum capacity ensures minimal dry ice sublimation and uninterrupted cleaning.

This dry ice blaster is designed to minimize the costs of equipment and plant maintenance. The robust stainless steelframe and the housing ofthe machine guarantee a long service life. The machine requires minimum maintenance costs even in the most difficult operating conditions.

IC 410 will impress you with its powerful performance even in challenging professional cleaning applications. The high variability of the device settings in combination with a wide portfolio of nozzles, electrical connection via ILME connectors & rational air distribution in equipment with integrated filtration provides a significant competitive advantage.

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Technical specifications
Dimensions Length: 868 mm Width: 540 mm Height: 975 mm
Operating pressure up to 16 bar
Service supply connections: Compressed air : DIN 3489 claw coupling Electrical: 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz, CEE 7/4 , Type F
Consumption Dry ice: 0-110 kg/h, Compressed air: up to 15 m³/min. (depending on the nozzle type)
Hopper capacity 31 kg
Noise level 60 – 120 dB (A) depending on the blasting pressure, nozzle type and the cleaned surface
The possibility of changing the diameter of the hose & distribution pipe ( ¾" & ½ "versions)

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